Australian Outback Spectacular Show and Dinner Queensland , Australia

NameAustralian Outback Spectacular Show and Dinner

Alt Name Australian Outback Spectacular Show and Dinner

Country Australia

City/Town Queensland

Australian Outback Spectacular is the first show of its kind in Australia - a unique and exciting evening dinner filled with outback music, drama and action - a night you will never forget. One of Australia`s most stirring and remarkable true stories is reborn as Australian Outback Spectacular celebrates the heroes of the legendary Australian Light Horse. This unique attraction captures the grandeur of the Australian Outback, bringing it to life with spectacular audio and visual effects.

It`s an electric atmosphere steeped in the courage and daring spirit of the outback. Every twist and turn of the show features a cast of larger than life characters, magnificent horses, stampeding cattle, camels and an array of rough and ready bush vehicles - even a helicopter! A highlight of the show is centred around the competitive spirit of Australians. The audience is split into two groups after receiving free stockmen`s hats whose head-bands depict their respective station.