Whirling Dervishes Istanbul , Turkey

NameWhirling Dervishes

Alt Name Whirling Dervishes

Country Turkey

City/Town Istanbul

The branch of Suficmysticism, practiced widely in contemporary Turkey, is rooted in a man called MevlanaJalaluddinRumi, and is famous for its Whirling Dervish Tradition, where through rotating on the left foot by crossing over it with the right, the Dervish reaches a spinning intensity, rotating to the music that musicians play close by. As we observe them revolve with their necks out and their head leaning to the side, we sense that they are in love with their way of life. Sufism is apart from the Islamic religion because of its nature as a kind of transcendental metaphysics which accepts all religions as one and is founded upon universal and unconditional forgiveness. You can admire this fascinating ceremony by joining us for this tour where you will be taken to enjoy this 2 hour ceremony.