Royal Ontario Museum Toronto , Canada

NameRoyal Ontario Museum

Alt Name Royal Ontario Museum

Country Canada

City/Town Toronto

  • Generations of children and adults have trooped through the museum since it first opened in 1914. With six million objects in its collections and 40 galleries of art, archaeology and natural science, the ROM offers a whole world to explore. Four giant carved totem poles rise in the centre of the stairwells; the largest is 24.5 metres (over 80 ft.) tall. The hands-on Biodiversity gallery offers families a fun interactive experience about the interdependence of people, animals and plants.
  • The dramatic Michael Lee-Chin Crystal expansion houses six permanent collection galleries that feature many objects never before displayed, along with some old favourites. They include dinosaurs and mammals, the cultures of South and Central Asia, Africa, the American continents, the Asia-Pacific region (including Oceania) along with textiles and costumes from around the world.
  • To commemorate the late Elizabeth Samuel, Liza’s Garden is a contemporary secret garden of greenness and sustainability, installed on the south portion of the Philosopher’s Walk wing. Created by PLANT Architect Inc, the nearly-10,000-square-foot area offers a dynamic haven of greenery. Aside from aesthetic appeal, the garden is a practical landscape that reduces the heat island effect and provides shelter for birds and other small creatures. The garden can be viewed from c5 Restaurant Lounge, located at the pinnacle of the crystal.
  • The ROM also features the Gallery of Gems and Gold, which is the final stage of the Teck Suite of Galleries. On level two, this gallery of Earth’s Treasures has about 600 rare gems, gem crystals, jewellery and gold pieces.
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