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Bachelorette – Vacation With Your Buddies

Vacation with Friends are the most Exciting Fun filled and Adventurous. These are memories you are making for lifetime . Bachelorhood is indeed  full of craziness. Whether you are going with with your pack who loves partying and shopping or you just want to admire the beauty and relax and spend some good time with your friends .We have option for you all . We have specifically design some packages that will be the best vacation you would have ever had your buddies. Our Team Understand How Important is Safety And specially Women travelling with us are given full attention to that. Planning your bachelorette or spinsters we will guide you and help you to make sure you have time of of your lifetime and everything ids being taken care off . 

With Travelistaan your Travel buddy you can start dreaming about all the places in the World that you want to Explore with your Tribe .

We have budget friendly and full of madness itineraries from which you can choose your Travel packages or you can simply call us and Customize your Holiday with us.

Partying in the best night clubs with your friends . Vacation Dreams
Celebrate all music Festivals and Experience newness with Friends
EXplore the world and Admire Beautiful coral reefs beaches
Spending time with your best friends is priceless

Bachelorette - Holiday with Friends

₹35,000 ₹29,500 barcelona madrid
₹16,470 ₹13,781 thailand
₹40,000 ₹39,000 Almaty

Almaty City in Kazakhstan 5D/6N

City Tour, Short Trips 0 review(s) 5 days
₹15,600 ₹12,200 solo trip

Beaches Of Malaysia 5D/4N

Short Trips 0 review(s) 5 days
₹35,000 ₹32,324 best of singapore
₹26,900 ₹24,300 kuala lumpur
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