1. How do I register to become a member of www.Travelistaan.com?

    Become a member of travelistaan.com is free of cost. Click on register option on the website,You will receive a unique login ID and password from travelistaan.com

  2. Can I change my User Name and Password?

    Each User Name has unique identity and cannot be change but yes you can change the Password by clicking the change password under settings option of your own.

  3. How Travelistaan.com is different from other online Portal?

    Travelistaan.com online is the B2C portal who has almost all the functionality which generally require By a Special Team.

  4. How can I sign in to Login ID, if I forgot the password?

    There is an option of Forgot password next to Sign in button on the Travelistaan home page. Click on Forgot password, System will ask you the registered email ID. After enter all the Information, you will receive a new password through Email.

  5. What are the benefits to become a member of Travelistaan.com?

    As you are valuable Travelistaan.com partner, you will get the discount on every sales of air tickets,Hotel reservations, Holiday Packages, Insurance, Car & Bus, Flight Coupons and other travel services.

  6. Can I speak to Travel Consultant, if I require any help?

    Yes, you can call at any time at our helpdesk number +91-11- 49400000. We are providing round the clock service to our valuable partners.

  7. How can I pay to purchase the travel production from Travelistaan Portal?

    You can make a payment either through Credit/Debit card or through cheque / Demand Draft or Cash?

  8. How do I know that my credit card information is safe?

    Travelistaan online is protected by SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology by VeriSign, who are the leaders in the encrypted technology.

  9. I need to confirm my reservation before fly?

    No, you don't. Only for Middle East sector, you have to take call to the airline for OK to Board Message.

  10. How do I get E Ticket?

    Travelistaan.com provides you the ticket on the Portal Or Your EmailID.

  11. How do I cancel the flights?

    You have to put a request on the Travelistaan.com. There is a option of Service Request under the bookings on the respective booking, You have to contact my                                           team and put a remark in case of reissue etc.

  12. Is there any cancellation policy set by the airline?

    yes, it always different from airline to airline, classes to classes and fare basis to fare basis therefore we always suggest our valuable partners that the request                                          should reach us at least two hours prior to NO SHOW.

  13. What are the cancellation charges?

    The cancellation charges depend on the airline, sector, class of booking, and time of cancellation.

  14. Does the airline allow name changes on airline tickets?

    Name changes are not allowed in any circumstances. Once the ticket is issue the name can't be changed.

  15. What types of documents are required to travel?

    For a domestic flight at check in a government ID is required. For international flights passport is needed, and a visa. So, please be advised to check if you need a                                     visa for your destination. Our agents are not responsible for information regarding visa or passport requirements.

  16. On International flights do I need to pay departure tax?

    Yes. Most countries charge a departure tax at the airport on the day you are returning home and it has to be paid in cash.

  17. Can I see my booking info on the shareable itinerary?

    If you are a Travelistaan.com Personal user and you share your Itinerary. You might notice that the itinerary view lacks booking information. The reason for this is                                    because of privacy. When users decide to share their itinerary on social media or on the web, we want to make sure that their trip information and details are safe for security and privacy.

  18. How do I delete a day & an event from my itinerary?

    To delete an event, Request my team the event on the itinerary.

  19. Can I manually add a place or idea to my itinerary?

    Yes! You can add any new places not found on Travelistaan.com. You can add your own item or place to the itinerary by creating a new event. Request my team.

  20. Can I add individual people to an event on the itinerary?

    You sure can! Each event can be on the itinerary for everyone or only certain people. This will come in handy when adding flights, hotel, and general plans that                                         won't involve everyone on the trip. Finally Request my team.

  21. Can I change my itinerary?

    Yes. Itineraries for travel in the United States and Canada can be changed. Some tickets may require special handling by calling

  22. when I change my itinerary, can I pay for penalties, fees, or fare difference with another document?

    Yes. Any electronic document, including unused tickets, may be used towards the amount due when changing your itinerary.

  23. If more than one passenger is traveling on my itinerary, can I change just my itinerary?

    No. An online change applies to all passengers traveling in the same itinerary. If only one person needs to change his itinerary, contact

  24. Are there any situations in which my seat would be subject to reassignment?

    Passengers with disabilities have priority seating, which results in the occasional need to change an assigned seat, with bulkhead seats being particularly subject to                                reassignment. We appreciate your cooperation in these special circumstances.

  25. Can I amend or cancel my travel booking using ViewTrip?

    No, if ANY itinerary or ticketing changes are required, they must be done directly with the originating travel provider.